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Find out more about creating and signing petitions.

Every petition is moderated before it is published to the website. This is to ensure that the petition is addressed correctly and follows the rules of the House. A petition will be published once the Office of the Clerk is satisfied that the petition complies with all rules. You will be notified by email when your petition is published.

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*Title of your petition
Example: Save our country from plastic pollution

*What would you like us to do? (This will be pusnblished as part of the petition)

Example: That Parliament passes a legislation to ban plastics.

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Privacy Statement for petitions

Your personal information (name, email address, contact phone number and organisation) is being collected so that we can communicate with you about your petition. It will be held by the Office of the Clerk to Parliament located at Parliament House, Accra. You have the right to request access to and correction of this information should you wish.

Your name will be published on Parliament's website in association with your petition. Petitioners' contact information is required to be provided and if you choose not to provide this information we will not be able to accept your petition. Your contact information will form part of the official record of the petition and will be disclosed to the committee that considers the petition. It will not be published on Parliament's website but may be made available in hard-copy for public inspection.

I agree with the use of my information as noted in the Privacy statement for petitions

Verifying your phone allows us to ensure we can contact you for more information or to provide feedback when need be.

We will text a verification code to the phone number you provided.




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